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Introduction ...

The Tree Trail is the brainchild of the trustees of Wade's Charity, who own much of the land of Middleton Park. The Trail has been planned with the help of Leeds Parks and Countryside , and The Friends of Middleton Park; and Leeds Parks and Conutryside staff have done the planting and ensure the trees are watered and cared for.

The Tree Trail is a collection of specimen trees showcasing the beauty of trees native to Britain, together with some exotic species prominent in the British landscape. Some of the existing trees in the Park Land will be included in the trail.

The trees will be linked together by a trail along the fairways of the former golf course. In addition, an avenue of spring flowering trees is planned along the main vista from Nick's View to the Middleton Park Visitor Centre.

The Trail was started with the planting of the first 10 trees in December 2021, and a further 15 in January 2023. With the support of sponsors, it is aimed to plant the remaining trees on the trail in winter 2023/24 and start the planting of 50 trees to create the spring flowering avenue.


History of the Old Nine Land ...

The area of the park commonly known as the "Old Nine" was once the first nine holes of the Middleton Park Municipal Golf course. This legacy can be seen in the long avenues that were once the old fairways and the flat round areas that were once the greens.

But the history of this landscape predates it's use as a golf course. Originally it was a large woodland which was part the Middleton Estate dating back to the Norman Conquest and owned by families such as the Grammaires , the Creppings, the Leighs, and the Brandlings.

In 1760's Charles Brandling decided to build a new country Lodge for his family on a hill in the estate. He cleared the "Old Nine" land to create "The Park" for the Lodge - a private landscape for the family with stunning views.

In 1853 the Middleton Estate and Colliery Company took over, and by the 1900's the "Old Nine" land appears to have become meadowland to grow hay for the pit ponies. Wade's Charity purchased the Estate in 1920 and leased it to Leeds City Council for use as a public park and in 1933 a 9 hole golf course was created on this cleared parkland.

The golf course shut in 2014 and the land is now part of Middleton Park.The "Old Nine" land has been kept as an open area to reflect its past with some parts being allowed to rewild. Wade's "Old Nine" TreeTrail,with its mix of individual,native and exotic trees,is a nod to the past bringing a touch of historic parkland back to the landscape.


Map of the Old Nine Tree Trail ...

Map of Old Nine area showing paths and tree planting places


Map of the Trees on Trail ...

Map of the trees planted on the tree trail


The Trees on the Tree Trail ...


Sponsoring a Tree or a Park Bench ...

Wade's Charity, who own the freehold of the core of the park, The Friends of Middleton Park and Leeds City Council Parks & Countryside are working together on this project. But we need more help.

There are a number of opportunities available to get involved and become part of the evolving Middleton Park environment. As well as helping the local community there are also ways to enhance your green credentials with the benefits of the carbon offsetting associated with the planting of trees.

There are opportunities to sponsor either a tree on the Tree Trail or a hardwood bench. The current costs are ...

  • Specimen tree on the Tree Trail - £600
  • Blossom tree along the Spring Flowering Avenue - £600
  • A hardwood bench on the trail or avenue - £750
For the latest prices please check with the Parks Estate team who can be contacted by email at parks@leeds.gov.uk or by phone on 0113 3786002

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