Friends of Middleton Park

Friends of Middleton Park

All About FoMP

Local People Working Together

The Friends of Middleton Park (FoMP) were formed in 2003 to promote local interest and involvement in the park and its woodland.

  • Improving Facilities
    We are working with Leeds City Council (LCC) Parks & Countryside department to improve signing, footpaths, seating etc. Together with local schools, we are designing new flower beds, planting bulbs and bringing more colour to the park.

  • Encouraging Use
    FoMP organises events throughout the year to encourage people to use the park more. See coming events for more details. Throughout summer months, from the beginning of May to the end of September, we open the Lakeside Centre every Sunday from 2pm-4pm.

  • Protecting Wildlife
    The park and woods are full of wildlife. FoMP works with other groups such as LCC Forestry section to protect this wildlife and the habitats it needs to flourish.

  • Promoting Activities
    We work with the Middleton Railway Trust and other local groups to promote the park and all the activities that take place within it.

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FoMP member Steven has been very energetic, organising and producing our first Newsletter. Hopefully this will be the first of many. We will add them here as they appear.

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FoMP Steering Group

Every year, at the Friends' Annual Meeting in November, charity trustees are elected to handle the organisation and business of the Friends, and volunteers are sought to attend steering group meetings.

The Steering Group usually meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The meetings are usually held at the Methodist Church Hall, Hopewell View in Middleton.

The Steering Group has its own page and we will endeavour to publish information about what the group is doing on that page.

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Joining FoMP

If you are interested in Joining FoMP, please complete our online membership form or contact our Membership Secretary...


...or to contact FoMP about other matters...


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